18th Annual Heritage Dinner

Maury County Democratic Party is proud to host (along with UAW Local 1853’s CAP Committee) our Annual Heritage Dinner.

Join us for a night celebrating exceptional Democrats from the community. We’ve also recruited an incredibly exciting group of speakers for this year’s dinner!


Our speakers for this year’s dinner are:

?Commissioner Tami Sawyer – Tami is a TEDx Talk speaker and a community activist. She is currently running an impressive campaign for Mayor in the city of Memphis.
Comm. Sawyer was named “One of the 18 People to Watch in 2018” by The Tennesseean. She was also listed by Ebony Magazine as one their “100 people to watch in 2018.”
?Representative Mike Stewart- Rep. Stewart is the Chairman of Democratic House Caucus in The TN State House. He’s an attorney and veteran out of Nashville.
?Justin Kanew from The Tennessee Holler- Justin Kanew ran for Congress in 2018 and now co-runs(with Holly McCall) an online media company that shines a light on all the dysfunction coming out of Tennessee politics.
?James Mackler- James Mackler is a veteran and an attorney that is running for Senate here in Tennessee.

Tickets can be purchased HERE or by calling 225-916-4922.