Lori Kohorst – Secretary

Lori is originally from Jackson, Michigan. She and her husband (Ed Kohorst) were married in 1976. He was in the army at the time. Shortly after he served his time and returned to Jackson, he was hired by GM.  
Their family moved down here to Columbia, Tennessee in 1992 after being hired on at the Saturn plant. Lori and Ed fell in love with the area immediately.   
Their children Jana and Matt both graduated from Columbia Central.  They have both since moved to Louisville, Ky.  My daughter and her wife have 1 child, my wonderful grandson Jude. He’ll be 7 next month. They’re all Democrats.                 
 Lori enjoys reading, crocheting, and going to concerts. Lori and Ed have been to many concerts, they’ve “seen some of the best…”
Lori was elected by the Maury County Democratic Party to serve as secretary in December of 2018.